Memoir editor, Scum Magazine. August 2017–Present.

Featured artist, NYWF 2017.

Stop Including Reality TV in Your Self-care Routine. Essay. Published on VICE. 06/10/2017

Vincent and the Four Seasons. Poem. Published on LOR Journal. 06/10/2017

No offence but furries are super fucked up. Poem. Published on Scum, 06/10/2017.

Featured Artist, Emerging Writers Festival.

Grilled Designs. Comics Newsletter. Published via tinyletter2017

Screen-Shot-2016-02-16-at-9.02.10-PMreunion episode. Memoir. Published on Scum, 7/8/2017.

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl: November and December. Comic. Published on Scum, 20/01/2017.



Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl: October.  Comic. Published on Scum, 24/12/2016.

Your Tits Come From NowhereComic. Published in The Lifted Brow #32: The Capital Issue. 1/12/2016.

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl: August and September Comic. Published on Scum, 31/10/16.


NYWF Daily ComicPublished on NYWF Press Room. 30/09– 3/10/2016.

Featured Artist, National Young Writers Festival.

Eat me, drink me, blow me. Comic. Published in Eat Shit/ Get Fucked zine. 9/9/16.

Selected Tweets and Photography. Published in Funny Ha Ha: Issue 49/9/16

Screen-Shot-2016-02-16-at-9.02.10-PMDiary of a Post-Teenage Girl: JulyComic. Published on Scum, 7/9/16.

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl: JuneComic. Published on Scum, 1/8/16.

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl: May. Comic. Published on Scum, 27/6/16.

Profiled by the Emerging Writer’s Festival blog, 22/6/16

Featured Artist, Emerging Writers Festival.

Featured Artist, Girls Write Up Festival.

Shark Night. Comic. Published in THE SUM TIMES: Issue 1. June 2016.

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl: AprilComic. Published on Scum. 25/05/16.

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl: MarchComic. Published on Scum. 14/4/16.

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl: February Comic. Published on Scum. 21/3/16.

Body Modification as Gendered Spectacle in Dallas Buyers Club. Essay. Published on Peephole Journal Issue #4. 13/3/16.

Photography for Hot Chicks With Big Brains, Issue #1. 12/3/16.

SPEARReview. Published on 4:3. 8/3/16 .

A Girl Walks Into a Cinema AlonePersonal essay. Published in Filmme Fatales Issue #7. 22/2/16.

Game FaceReview. Published on 4:3. 20/2/16.

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl: January. Comic. Published on Scum. 17/2/16.

Thigh-la-scèneComic. Published on Medium. 27/1/16.

Photography featured on Sanpo Disco. (2015–16).



Columnist, Spook Magazine (April – September 2015)

Participated in Critics Campus for MIFF (July – August 2015)

Featured Artist, Emerging Writer’s Festival’s Magazine in a Night at White Night

Editor, AntiTHESIS (June – September 2015)

Intern, Meanjin Quarterly (December 2014–June 2015)

The Pit. Comic. Republished on The Lifted Brow website. 16/10/15

feralFeralComic. Published on CHART Collective. 25/9/15

An Open Letter to @gabigrecko. Essay. Published in SPOOK Mag. 16/9/15

The Hypothetical Now: An Interview with Gayby Baby Director Maya Newell. Interview. Published in SPOOK Mag. 1/9/15.

I’m not thin, but my skin is. Memoir. Published in SPOOK Mag. 19/8/15

No Country for Old Ways: On the new normal in American indie cinema. Essay. Published on MIFF.

Snow MonkeyReview. Published on MIFF.

Nasty Baby. Review. Published on The Age. 12/8/15

Head. Review. Published on The Age. 12/8/15

The Cult of JT Leroy. Review. Published on MIFF.  

Prophet’s Prey. Review. Published on The Age. 6/8/15.

Ecco Homo. Review. Published on MIFF.

“My Birth Control Nearly Killed Me” And Other Click-Bait Half-Truths. Memoir. Published in SPOOK Mag, 13/7/15

Died Pretty: The Invisible Women of True Crime.Essay. Published in SPOOK Mag, 19/6/15

Lies and the Real GirlEssay. Published in SPOOK Mag, 15/5/15

film review: mommyReview. Published in Lip Mag. 22/4/15

No Contest. Essay. Published in SPOOK Mag, 8/4/15

West GateComic. PublishedThe Pit by Eloise Grills in Red Eye, 21/2/15

Finger LickingMemoir. Published on Scum Mag, 19/2/15

Snipers and Dudebros: The New American Orientalism. Essay. Published in SPOOK Mag, 3/2/15

The Pit. Comic. Published in Side Eye. 26/1/15

The Monet or the box: on the destruction of artEssay. Published on Overland, 22/1/15

Simon ZoricInterview. Published on Grilling Me Softly, 17/1/15


Editor, Judy’s Punch (September 2014)

No worries: Bogans, cultural cringe and the great Australian anxietyEssay. Published on Killings, 18/12/14.

tsr-family-comicThe Old Well. Comic. Published in The Suburban Review, Vol. 5: Family, 5/12/14. (PDF)

Outside the Boxes: On the Ethics of Outsider Art.  Essay. Published on The Lifted Brow, 13/11/14.

species versus under the skin: a critical comparisonEssay. Published on Lip Mag, 14/10/14.

Tony Abbott vs Miley Cyrus: Who Won 2014? Essay. Published on Junkee, 10/10/14.



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